Post Production Links

I've created a resource list for the Camera/Premiere Pro and After Effects Classes/Consulting that I do.

I decided to share it with everyone as it is helpful to know where to go when teaching yourself/learning on the internet. Let me know if you have any questions.

Cheers and Happy Learning.



General Filmmaking Blogs/Resources

Pro Video Coalition - Digital Filmmaking News


RedShark - industry news


AOTG - everything you could possibly want to know about editing


Handheld Hollywood - The resource of IOS apps for filmmakers



Reels - put your reel here - put your reel here



After Effects/Premiere Pro  


ADOBE Hardware / Video Performance White Paper - How to set up your Adobe apps, details on RAM, Hardware, bottlenecks, not a sexy read, but worth the time.


AEScripts  Largest and most well known of the script sites.


Hurlbut Visuals - wonderful cinematography tips but now also covers post. Maverick Filmmaker.


Motion Graphics Exchange -

This a good resource for scripts, effects presets, and tutorials. Most of the scripts

here are free.


Batch Frame -

A handy collection of free scripts and effects presets


How to Install Scripts

1. Download the script, and install it in After Effects Script Folder. If you want to make the script a

dock-able panel, install it in the “ScriptUI Panels” Folder.

2. In After Effects Preferences > General, check “Allow Scripts to Write Files”

Access from scripts or add to Interface -You can access the scripts from File>Scripts, or from the

window menu if you installed in the “ScriptUI Panels” Folder.

The advantage of using panels is that you can save the scripts you use often

as a workspace


Recommended Scripts

“Simple Camera Rig Script” (Motion Graphics Exchange)

Cameras are notoriously finicky in After Effects.

You can create a null to control the camera. In CS 5.5 and later, you do this by right clicking on the

camera and select create orbit null. It creates a null for you and links the camera to the null (Null is

the Parent, camera is the Child).


Free Plugins/Presets

Coremelt - free collection of useful plugins (PP & AE)


Red Giants Free version of Looks (PP & AE)


Digital Rebellion - FREE template for Project Folder Structure.


Red Giant Universe Free


Free presets for Red Giant Plugins



Square 5, Great Free app (file conversion)


Mitch Martinez - free 4K footage / textures - amazing deal -you should thank him


Lost & Taken - wonderful free textures - donate if you a bunch of them







Fenchel & Janisch - Free Great Color Presets for AE


Free Color Presets - Premiere Pro


Vat Visuals: Filmmaker who shares tips, tricks, film-school knowledge, etc. He rocks.

Free PP template (folder structure - big time saver)


AFTER EFFECTS Tutorials/Tips


Video Copilot Basic

Free (great basic AE training) that moves toward intermediate


Ryan Connoly: Film Riot - caffeine Tutorials that are pure fun to watch


Lester Banks - weekly round up of must watch tutorials


Great Cinema 4D / MOCHA / AE tutorials


Evan Abrams  - one of the best for learning shape layers, expressions and visually cool techniques

Youtube Tutorials, including AE/PR workflow


Art of the Title - best tile/opening sequences with a breakdown/interview


Portal to best design from around the world



VFXer - tutorials, inspiration



Creative Dojo - AE tutorials and useful free stuff



Rampant Design Tools - Makes tools for Editors/Motion Designers

Tools and Training: AE Boot Camp


Harry Frank - Works at Red Giant – Great Blog and Tuts – free expressions



Moviola Webinar - Working with Effects in Premiere Pro

On December 16 I will be presenting a Moviola Webinar on "Working with Effects in Premiere Pro". This will be my 5th Webinar for Moviola, and I'm looking forward to it.

I will be working with the most recent update to Premiere Pro, which adds Masking and Tracking, Improved Master Clip Effects, and Render and Replace as well as helpful smaller features liked different color markers.

In about an hour (with questions), you will learn to use these new features as well as a number of tips and techniques to quickly make your footage look good. This workshop will be helpful for those new to working in Premiere Pro, and editing veterans make pick up some "some work smarter not harder tips".  It should be a fun hour, hope you can join me.